NALC Holland, an nonprofit organization was born in September 2016.

NALC Japan, the parent organization of NALC Holland has about 30,000 members and 137 bases in Japan. Members do volunteering activities by utilizing their own certifications, strengths, hobbies and things they are good at. NALC JAPAN is one of the largest volunteer group and they are also an pioneer organization of introducing the Time Banking System.

Around 2012, Ton Millenaar of Stichting WELnu made his first connection with NALC Japan in Osaka prefecture.

He was impressed to see that the Time banking system was working in Japan in many area. He and his wife Masako Iwasaki visited NALC Japan quite often to learn more about the system.

At the same time they spoke to Dutch and Japanese people (Joost Hoekman, Emiko Kannan, Masako Higashi) who also became interested in. After certain time they formed “Starting Committee of NALC Holland”.

As the result of co-operative work with stichting WELnu*: Dutch Care organization, they finally made a unique project: “Japanese people offer their volunteer service at the Dutch care organization”. Following this concept, some of the committee members did volunteer services at care homes as their 1st action of NALC Holland.

Gradually they expanded their activities in several care homes in Noord Holland.

The enthusiasm of the committee made Kayo Matsubara and Kuniharu Iwasaki joining the committee.

*The Stichting WELnu, which generously helped to found NALC Holland, unfortunately ceased its activities in 2020; you can find out about the Stichting WELnu here.