NALC Holland supports both ways of volunteering.


■ Someone who wants to do volunteering

After becoming a member of NALC Holland, you can contact NALC Holland and tell us where you want to do volunteering. NALC Holland plays as an intermediate to connect you and places or people you wish to work for. If you have no idea what to do, just let us know! NALC Holland will help you finding a place or people who are looking for a volunteer.

Start volunteering activities
NALC Holland provides you a sheet for collecting points.
(Expenses occurred for volunteer activities are discussed upon cases)

Finish your activities
Please ask facilities or people to sign the point-collecting sheet.

Report to NALC Holland
Please report your activities to NALC Holland by e-mail or telephone. You earn 1 point by 1 hour activity. NALC Holland does the administration of your points.

New volunteer workers need often support and advise. Experienced volunteer workers are ideal person to speak to for the new ones. We call the experienced volunteers “buddy” and will coordinate that the new volunteer will have a buddy.


■ Someone who needs help from an volunteer

Every member of NALC Holland can receive volunteering service anytime you need. Please contact NALC Holland and tell us which kind of help you need. You can get support by using your points. If you don’t have points at your hand, or not enough point gained yet, NALC Holland can transfer points to you. Or you can purchase points from us.

Report the services you receive to NALC Holland


■ Who needs an volunteer?

For example, Dutch healthcare&welfare organizations are looking for volunteers visiting their clients, do activities with them, cook for them, organize fun things to do or going to appointments with them.

Private people are for example in need of a volunteer who comes visit them, do grocery shopping, accompany them to activities, do some light cleaning, or stay with their sick partner or child while they go out for a visit.