Here is how our Time Banking System works.

Please fill in the application form and send it to NALC.  We will list you as a member, and after you paid your annual membership.

Start volunteer
When you know where you want to start your volunteering work, we will help you as an coordinator. If you don’t know where you want to work, we will introduce you to Dutch healthcare & welfare organizations of your interest or private persons who are also members and need your help.

Earning points
After registration, you will receive a form which you will submit to the institution that you will work.  You earn 1 point by 1-hour activity. After collecting the signs from the institution you will send it to NALC Holland. Your points are recognized officially after NALC receives the form from you.

Using points
You can use your points in two ways;
(1) Use them for your self
(2) Use them for your family in Japan NALC Japan
If you choose (2), your points will be sent via NALC Japan.

Your points are handled and managed at NALC Holland office. When you want to use your points or want to know how many points you have collected, please contact us.

Please download the point application form.

Word (nl)

PDF (nl)